Start of studies

For those interested in studys and first semesters


You'll find all the information about the bachelor and masters degree course at

For more questions about the structure of the study course or specific questions to individual courses, you may ask us directly, we'll help as good as we can!

First-semesters events


At the beginning of each semester there're introductory events for first-semesters:

Every wintersemester for bachelor and master students

Every summersemester for masterstudents



First-semester events in the wintersemester:

  • German ravioli eating and Campus Tour 
  • informations event for bachelor and master study course
  • BBQ with the student council
  • first-semesters cottage


First-semester events in the summersemester:

  • informations event for master study course

Start of studys


Useful information and links:

Each year at the beginning of winter semester, we prepare for the new first-semesters the "Jungigel", our first-semester-leaflet. This includes much useful information as your curriculum in the first semester and definitions of "Tutorium", "Vortragsübung", "Scheinklausur" and others. Additionaly there is information on the city of Stuttgart, partys on campus, the swabian dialect and much more. And for the first time ever, we've brought all this up for download (unfortunatly it's available in German only)!!