"You have to think more, do more research,

develop, invent and dare ..." 

Frei Otto

From students to students

The Student Council Civil Engineering consists of  C.E. students of different semesters - both Bachelor and Master - and is dedicated to the study of all of us: We're organising events, help first-semesters, are active in university policy, answer questions and generally help students, where we can!

First-Semesters & soon-to-be's

 For Bachelor- and Master-Students in the first semester, we host several events at the semesterstart  - both Oktober and April - to get to know each other, the student council and the Campus.

Job vacancies

From time to time, we're getting job vacancies looking for working students, interns or graduates. To let jou see them in times of Corona and Campus-closure, we decided to publish them on our website. Take a look, maybe theres one, that fits you!

The "Bauigelfest" - since 1971

It's infamous - the "Bauigelfest" at the University Stuttgart. Since 1971 it always takes place on the first Thursday of July and is the highlight of the students of civil engineering across all semesters. Come, look, maybe you want to work at the bar and just enjoy the biggest party of the year!

Dates and noteworty thing from the C.E.-Universe: