Student Council Civil Engineering

Who are we?

We are students of civil engineering across all semesters and are dedicating us for the interests and issues of all C.E.-students at the University Stuttgart.

We see ourselves as link between students and teachers, are participating as representatives in committees of the University and serve as the first contact person regarding questions around everyday study-life and recreational fun.

What do we do?

Our tasks in university policy are the representation of the degree-course in different committees, i.e. the "Great Facultycouncil" of the Faculty 2 (Civil- and Environmental Engineering), the student council of the Faculty 2 and whenever possible the participation in the students parliament or the senate of the University.

Besides the representation role of the students to professors, training staff or universital establishments we're trying to integrate every fall a few hundred first-semesters, plus every spring a few dozens master-students. To make it easier to arrive and to get started, we're organising different events for first-semesters and introduction. You'll find the exakt dates here.

During the semester, we're also inviting to different events: bar hopping, semester-closing BBQ, excursions, ...

Fachgruppe Bau - Uni Stuttgart

What's the meaning behind our logo?

Our logo is the symbol picture of our degree-course, in the same way as the television tower as the symbol for Stuttgart. Engineers familiar with the subject may know by now, what the star-like layout represents:

It's a reinforcement layer of the Stuttgarter television tower, more preciseley the reinforcement layer in the foundation.